& Colour as a Healing Art

Suzy Chiazzari

" It was a pleasure to study with you, and the course has been an inspiration"

" I think that doing your course is the best thing I've done..."

"It is an excellent course, the information is accurate, easy to read and logical in order."

"What an interesting course, I have read it over and over "

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Professional training courses in Holistic Interior Design and Colour Therapy, designed by Suzy Chiazzari for home study.

Correspondence Courses Include:
Holistic interior design- Feng shui for homes and businesses- Feng shui for gardens- Transformative art and music therapy- Colour Life Coach Programme - Colour therapeutics for interiors- Healing garden design - Japanese garden design- Colour Counsellor and Healer ( level 1 and 2)- Colour Aromatherapy- Colour Acupuncture- Colour Reflexology- Vibrational Medicine - using colour,gems and flower essences- Nutritional Therapy with Colour- Colour Spiritual Healing-Colour Healing for Animals- Crystal light and gem therapy.

You can now take advantage of International Best Selling Author and lecturer's Suzy Chiazzari's extensive knowledge of healing and personal growth by studying in the comfort of your own home, or attend one of her practical workshops in Devon, England.
The Holistic Design Institute and the Iris International School both offer professional training courses designed for home study

The Holistic Design Institute
The Institute was created to explore and promote the increasing interest in healing and personal growth from those within the design profession, as well as those wishing to approach a new career with a more value-based philosophy.

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Colour therapy helps you understand your need for certain colours, and shows you how to use the healing power of colour to enhance your moods, for relaxation, health, inspiration and protection.

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The home study professional training courses offered by the Holistic Design Institute and the Iris International Schools can also be used for self-development and personal fulfilment.
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