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Psycho-spiritual healing using art and music

This course is designed for those who wish to work in a complementary health field using art and music to accelerate inner healing. It will also be useful for anyone who wishes to develop their own self-knowledge and creative abilities. By linking the vibrations of colour and sound we can use them as a bridge between the visible world of the physical body, it's emotional states and the invisible spiritual realms, thus promoting a state of wholeness and connection.

Transformative art and music differs from traditional art therapy, as it is not taught from a psychoanalytical viewpoint. Rather, creative expression through art and music is itself a healing process acting as a catalyst promoting expansive emotional healing and spiritual growth. The harmonising forces of colour and sound promotes conscious merging with the primal energy of life, or as Jung describes it, 'the collective unconsciousness'.

No previous experience is needed but an interest in art and music and a desire to work with people in a caring role.


Using art and music as a complementary therapy.
How colour and sound vibrations affect us.
Colour as a mirror of the soul
The healing effects of sound. Also the breath and sound
Linking to your inner self through creative visualisations
Counselling using art and music
Regression through art therapy
Using art and music to treat stress and as a relaxation aid
Freeing your spirit - aid to creativity
Balancing your left and right hand brain
Sound and colour for meditation

This course requires a student to obtain 70% or more in a self-administered examination and work submitted for each module. An original visualisation and music tape is included with this course. Diploma students are entitled to use the initials Dip HDI (Transformative Therapy) using art and music; after their name.

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