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Colour Therapy for Interior Design

Colour theory usually makes up a small part of an Interior Design course. Colour therapeutics is based on a holistic approach to the use of colours in both the home and workplace, thus creating a more relaxing and harmonious interior environment. This course is specially designed for students and designers who wish to have a deeper understanding of colour and to specialise in colour consultancy. As hospitals, psychiatric clinics, schools and remand centres, and other community buildings need to create healing and supportive environments, a knowledge of colour therapeutics is a great career asset. As well as psychologists and complementary practitioners who would like to use colour to create a healing environment.

Colour Therapeutics would be of interest to anyone working in the fashion and creative fields as it tries to extend the awareness of the power of colour to influence our moods and health. This course encourages professionals to use colour responsibly.


Light and the spectrum colours
The psychology of colour
Healing qualities of colours
Creating a colour energy balance
Environmentally friendly paints and finishes
Natural and artificial light, therapeutic lighting
Entrances and living rooms
Dining rooms and kitchens
Bedrooms and bathrooms
Children's' rooms: from infants to teenagers
Colours in the workplace and company colours
Colours in the community including colours for the elderly

An HDI Diploma will be awarded to those students obtaining 70% or more in the Module tests and self-administered examination which includes a project using colours therapeutically. Successful students are entitled to use the initials Dip. HDI (Col. Th.)

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