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Feng Shui for homes and businesses

Feng Shui is an environmental science based on the arrangement of our living and working spaces to maximise the flow of life-force energy. Feng Shui is really a subtle form of Interior Design, which works on a building in much the same way as acupuncture works on the human body.

Our Feng Shui course introduces the basic principles of 'Form' and 'Compass' Feng Shui and shows you ways to combine these with one's own intuition in order to create an harmonious environment. The course concentrates on problem solving in different situations using the nine Feng Shui cures and the principles of yin/yang and the five elements. You are also shown how to find the best solutions for individuals according to Ki astrology. It also give practical advise on ways planners, architects and landscapers can use Feng Shui on larger scale projects. There is a growing demand for Feng Shui consultants in both the private and commercial sectors. This course is designed to be of use to anyone wishing to improve their quality of life in their own home or who wishes to feel confident in setting up a Feng Shui consultancy.

Principles of Feng Shui, Ch'i, Sha, the Five elements
Site, position and shape
The Nine basic cures for bad Feng Shui
Using the Ba Gua (PA Kua)- finding which areas of the house relates to which aspects of your life
The harmonious positioning of beds, chairs, furniture
Feng Shui Astrology (basics only), using the Pa Che compass and a geomancer's ruler - The Portents
Doors, windows, stairs, ceilings and beams
Developing your sensitivity to energy in buildings
Feng Shui for work places
Setting up a Feng Shui consultancy

The requirements for this course include obtaining 70% correct answers to questions at the end of each module. On successful completion of this course, a Diploma in Feng Shui will be awarded entitling you to use the initials Dip. HDI (Feng Shui) after your name. You will also be able to join the Feng Shui Society.


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