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Life-path counselling

Based on Suzy Chiazzari's 'Travelling the colour Medicine wheel' this course provides you with an in depth study of the uses of the medicine wheel for self-development and Life-Path Counselling.

Earth Astrology differs from the commonly used astrology in that in looks at your relationship with the natural world and not the effects of the heavenly bodies on your life. So rather than being a victim of fate, earth astrology empowers you to take control and to make and improve your own life by connecting to the gifts provided by nature.

Each colour on the wheel has a unique essence or spirit. Our basic nature is reflected through one of the colours which makes up the archetypal force field of energy. The wheel is divided into thirteen moons and you begin your life's journey depending on your date and place of birth. This course will help you trace your journey around the wheel helping you identify times of change, patterns and the challenges you will face. It will also enable you to become a life skills counsellor. You will also learn how to apply healing stone therapy. You will learn how to plot your earth astrological chart for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels and to compare and understand your relationships with your family, partner, and friends.
With practice you will work proficiently with other people's charts.


Medicine wheels - their history and uses
The moons and their colours,plant and animal totems
Lessons and challenges revealed by you soul colour
Wheel totems - helpers from other kingdoms
Plotting your full birth chart
Understanding relationships - comparing charts
Spirit keepers and the four elements
Heated healing stone therapy
Making and activating large and small wheels
Medicine wheel ceremonies

The HDI Diploma will be awarded to students who achieve 70% or more on questions set at the end of each module and who satisfactorily submit two charts at the end of the course. Diploma students will obtain a Dip. HDI (Earth Astrology). We recommend you attend a Colour Medicine wheel workshop to complement this course and gain practical experience.

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