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Natural Interior Design for Harmony and Health

This is a totally new approach to Interior Design, which is in keeping with modern trends, and future needs in environmental design. Traditional courses in Interior Design concentrate on creating aesthetically pleasing spaces while Holistic Interior Design emphasises the importance of creating interiors, which are in harmony with the individuals who will be using them. No previous Interior Design training is needed although this course compliments traditional Interior design study. Practising designers will find this course allows them to use their talents in a new way and to offer their clients a more personalised service.


The changing role of the home
Sick Building Syndrome
Geomancy - Dowsing for energy disturbances
Using Feng Shui - the Chinese Art of placement
The importance of Light and Air
The sutble environment - Water, Aroma and Sound
Colour Therapy and environmentally friendly paints
Shape, proportion and sacred geometry
Windows and doors
Sympathetic Interior Design for old buildings
Living spaces
Eating and dining areas
Bedrooms and bathrooms
Garden rooms and patios
Exercise and relaxation spaces
Healing spaces and workrooms

An HDI diploma will be awarded to those students who obtain 70% or more in a self-administered examination and have satisfactorily completed a design project chosen from several sent to you at the end of the course. Diploma students can use the initials Dip. HDI (Hol. D) after their names.

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