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Professional training courses in Holistic design and Colour Therapy designed by Suzy Chiazzari for home study.

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The Holistic Design Institute was created to explore and promote the growing interest in healing and personal growth from those within the design profession as well as those wishing to approach a new career with a more value-based philosophy.
With a more balanced and caring view towards design, our creative endeavours should reflect our physical, emotional and spiritual connections with our environment. It is this philosophy of sharing that will push back the parameters of design concepts - allowing design to flourish as a healing art.

Study from anywhere in the world
You can study our specially designed Diploma Home study courses anywhere in the world. You begin when it suits you and you can take as long as you need to complete them.Our students come from many different backgrounds, some are architects, designers and teachers who wish to further their careers, while others are people who are interested in Art and Design for their own enjoyment and self-development. Many students are sponsored by enterprise training schemes, businesses and charities to study with us.

Creativity, does not belong to the individual but is a universal force or consciousness.
Everyone has the ability to access this creative energy and it is the aim of the Holistic Design Institute to encourage each person to find their own inspiration and expression so they can live more harmoniously with their environment. Art and design has become primarily a vehicle for personal statement of the designer regardless of its human and environmental impact. It is, therefore, our aim to help architects, planners, designers and artists to understand the importance of using environmentally friendly materials and view their work in a broader context.

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