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Practitioner Diploma in space clearing and harmonising

The idea that cleansing is an important part of the healing process has been accepted since ancient times. This practical course, introduces a student to the causes of physical, emotional and mental pollution and the benefits of space clearing and enhancing. You will come to understand the shamanistic view of life and how you can work with natural energy to enhance living space and the quality of life.

You will develop your own sensitivity and also work with the Chinese, Native American and African wisdom. This course will enable to you understand how to set up and perform space clearing rituals, so you can develop your own techniques. Clearing space leaves a vacuum into which new energy rushes, so you will be taught how to ensure the spaces you have cleared are instilled with positive forces.

For those wishing to become practitioners, you will be given guidelines for clearing large spaces. Clearing buildings of negative energy is a fast growing area of holistic design and the demand for practitioners is rising.


What is space clearing and its benefits
Different types of clutter and influence on our life
Working with the home chakra system
Clearing physical spaces - room by room
Perceiving energy patterns - touching and moving energy- dowsing for EMF and psychic entities
Preparing to clear space - tools, shielding, times
Clearing techniques with sound, colour and fire
Traditional and modern cleansing rituals - seasonal rituals
Enhancing energy flow using Chinese principles
Consecrating and creating sacred space
Working in large spaces and as a practitioner

The HDI Diploma will be awarded to students who achieve 70% or more on questions set at the end of each module and who satisfactorily submit a garden design at the end of the course. Diploma students will be able to use Dip. HDI (Space clearing practitioner) after their name.

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